A visit to the Naturopath will offer an opportunity to discover the path of wellbeing for you, the individual. Naturopathy looks at health from a holistic point of view and includes the im- portance of circumstance and environment, inherited characteristics and trends, and attitudes and emotions.

Naturopathy including Iridology

Naturopathy looks at health from a holistic point of view and includes the importance of circumstance & environment, inherited characteristics & trends plus attitudes & emotions. All three play an important part in whole health & wellbeing. Iridology is included in the consultation - an important diagnostic tool for the Naturopath. The iris records information concerning constitutional strengths and weaknesses and gives information for fine tuning the wellbeing pattern. Our state-of-the-art Digital Iriscope provides computerised images of your iris which assists in diagnosis of your health. A colour photo image of your eyes is included in this consultation.

55 minutes    Midweek- $110 Weekends (when available) - $120

Wellness Program Consultation - including bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)

Many people who are tired, overworked and/or unwell know that they should be eating the right foods, exercising regularly and taking nutritional supplements but are confused by different diets, find it hard to exercise and are unsure which supplements are best for them. Wellness is a clear, simple and practical lifestyle pro- gram based on scientifically proven recommendations.


By staying with a Wellness program you can be sure you are doing your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and improve your wellbeing. Included in the Wellness Program is a BIA reading which gives you an indication of how well your body is coping with the demands of living in today's modern world.

55 minutes    Midweek- $110 Weekends (when available) - $120

Herbal Teas

Our special Herbal Tea Blends are freely available in the main lounge. Guests are invited to try these elementary forms of Herbal medicine during their stay. The range of teas are available for sale at our Reception or by phoning the Retreat on 02 4883 6027.

Life Coaching and Counselling

Improve your life with the help of a trained and experienced counsellor and life coach based at Solar Springs Health Retreat.

Success Coaching / Lifestyle Counselling

Is your life the way you want it? Are there areas of your life that you would like to improve or change? Create the job, career, remuneration or relationship you desire. Develop an action plan to create a more empowering future.

Renew Yourself

Discover how to interrupt habits, behaviours and thinking that is holding you back. Learn techniques to feel better about yourself on a consistent basis.

Improving Memory

Using the latest accelerated learning techniques plus cutting edge material will give you the ability to access your memory faster, develop intuition and improve study application.

Learn to Relax

Gain the ability to take control of situations that cause you stress and handle them with ease. Learn simple and effective relaxation techniques. 

55 minutes- $110.00 

Please note:

A 10% surcharge applies to non-guests for appointments on weekends.

Not all consultations available every day.

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