Health  Assessments and  Personal  Training

Physical Health Assessment

A Physical health Assessment is a must if you are thinking of embarking on an exercise program or just need to know which areas of your health need to improve. This consultation pro- vides plenty of information to educate and motivate and includes tests of blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol, lung capacity via a spirometry machine, body composition (% body fat) via bioimpedence analysis (BIA), bone density, flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity. This assessment is also great for the serious athlete who wishes to monitor their fitness over time. Your results will be recorded and presented in a booklet for you to take home.

55 minutes    Midweek- $85 Weekends (when available) - $95

This practical session will educate and motivate you to reach your full fitness potential. Our trainers offer sessions in resistance (weight) training, aerobic conditioning, fatloss, aquafitness, flexibility, core stability, osteoporosis, diabetes prevention and more. Whether you are new to exercise and need a program to kickstart a Fitness regime or need an updated program to reignite you onto to greater things, the experienced Solar Springs' Personal Trainers will inspire you to reach your goals.

55 minutes - $75.00 55 minutes with a comprehensive personal program - $95.00

Personal Training

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)

Biompedance Analysis is a scientifically validated test which assists our Lifestyle consultants to design a program to enhance your health, vitality and longevity. The Practioner connects leads to your hands and feet and passes a low voltage electrical current through your body. Data from this test include the mass and quality of muscle, fat mass, hydration levels and a Biomarker index which indicates the age of your cells in comparison with your chronilogical age.

A BIA can be done in conjunction with a 1 hour Wellness Consultation. See Nutrition section for details. 15 minutes - $40.00


Bone Density Testing

A quick, accessible, painless bone density test assesses you risk of osteoporosis before you break a bone. The bone density test predicts the risk of fracture by conducting an ultrasound of your heel.

15 minutes - $40.00

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