Food Philosophy

As humans become more conscious, it becomes impossible to push aside the impact we are having on our planet and ourselves. The good news is we can make small changes each day to shift from impacting our world to healing our internal and external environment. 


At Solar Springs, while on your short stay with us, we invite you to enjoy a protein rich plant-based way of nourishing your body. We believe food is medicine, so we have incorporated food synergy and seasonal produce to maximise the healing benefits from the ingredients.

Designed by an expert team

Our nutritionist Sami Bloom have designed this plant based focused menu with your health in mind which facilitates a gentle tonification and detoxification of the liver and the digestive system. Hence lowering inflammation, which is the culprit of many adverse health conditions.


Here are a few tips to get the most out of your stay:

  • Always consume fruit first at breakfast 

  • Remember to drink lots of water in between meals 

  • Refrain from drinking during meals as it dilutes your stomach acid to best digest food


We also know you are on a well deserved break, so we offer some comforts like bread, coffee and wine in the evenings. Although they’re not part of the nutritional plan, you can choose your own adventure and treat yourself. 

We hope you feel the difference in energy, lightness and nourishment from staying with us and see for yourself whether this is something you’d like to take home with you. 

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Meet The Team

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Dane Chatani - Nutritionist

Her philosophy is simple: healthy food should be enjoyable food. Like the French, Danè believes the key to healthy eating is portion control, fresh ingredients, the absence of additives or chemicals, but above all else – taste. 

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Sami Bloom - Nutritionist

Sami believes good health is all encompassing – food, mindset, movement, relationships – & wants to showcase not only how rewarding a healthy lifestyle is but also how achievable, enjoyable & seamless it can be.

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Eon Waugh - Local Chef

Eon has lived in Bundanoon since 1999. Running various local favourites across the years - The Studio Restaurant in Exeter & Josh's Cafe in Berrima - we're excited to have him on board!

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