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 Health & Fitness


A day at Solar Springs is all about you. If you would like to relax or be active, or a little of each, our Health and Fitness staff organise and lead activities. Guests may participate in as much or as little as they like.
Try your luck at archery, strengthen in our gym or relax in a meditation class. Whether you like your activities relaxing, challenging, aerobic or scenic, Solar Springs has something for everyone.



Solar Springs Retreat has an extensive range of sporting & recreational facilities. Enjoy swimming or aquarobics in our 25m indoor heated swimming pool, or simply relax in the spa, sauna or steam room.
Whether you are looking to shape and tone or develop a strong athletic physique you will find the Keiser Pneumatic Resistance machines the ultimate training partner. By incorporating our free weights into your workout you will be well on the way to the new you.
From your vantage point upon our great cardiovascular equipment, you overlook the landscape of the Morton National Park. Not many other gyms could boast such an amazing view! 



Our health professionals can inspire you to lead your healthiest life.
Naturopathy looks at health from a holistic point of view. It includes the importance of circumstance and environment, inherited characteristics and trends along with attitudes and emotions.
Our Life Coach can help you develop an action plan to create a more empowered future. Whether you would like to improve your memory, learn to relax, or interrupt bad habits, behaviours and thinking that hold you back, our trained and experienced counsellor can help. 

Private meditation and yoga sessions are now also available.



Our Health and Fitness team are well equipped to motivate and educate you to reach your fitness potential, with physical health assessments and personal training sessions. Don't stick your head in the sand in regards to your health. Find out today the areas of your health and fitness that need to improve for a long, happy and healthy life.