The Silver Lining of COVID-19

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Whilst everyone is carrying a bit more stress, anxiety, and overwhelm as we wade through the uncertain waters of COVID-19, we are here to help you find the silver lining.

Here are some ways you can dial up your self-care, boost your immune system and find joy in this time of hibernation. After all, it is rare that we find ourselves with so much time to go inward, slow down, release and tend to ourselves and our homes.

1.) Build a meditation practice: The benefits are endless! Calm and Insight Timer are our favourite free apps.

2.) Move your body: YouTube has an abundance of free workouts for you to explore. Our favourite yoga app is Down Dog- it is totally customizable to you (level, style, length, even music and voice of the instructor!). Plus, they have other free App options such as HIIT, Barre and the 7 Min Workout. You will thank us for telling you about this one!

3.) Have fun in the kitchen: This is the perfect time to explore new, nourishing recipes and get reacquainted with homecooked meals. Sami Bloom is a talented plant-based Clinical Nutritionist and helped develop the delicious new menu here at Solar Springs. Her website has heaps of wonderful recipes for you to explore. Even if you love animal products, why not try doing “Meat Free Monday” each week to up your intake of vegetables and get creative with new recipes- it will be great for you and the planet.

4.) Listen to inspiring podcasts: We love ‘The Melissa Ambrosini Show’, ‘Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations’, ‘The Plant Proof Podcast’, ‘TEDTalks Health’, ‘The School of Greatness’, ‘The mindbodygreen Podcast’, ‘All In The Mind’ by ABC Radio, ‘The Goop Podcast’ and so much more. As you can see there are endless insightful and inspiring podcasts available. Start browsing to find what appeals to you the most.

5.) Clean up your house and declutter: There is nothing more satisfying than having an organised home. If you don’t know where to start, check out ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix, as this is sure to inspire.

6.) Now is the time: What are the things you always wish you had more time for? Do them! Have a bath, read a book, do some art, reorganise your phone and computer, learn to dance or play an instrument, create a vision board, print your favourite photos and make albums, start a herb or veggie garden or sort out your finances.

7.) Learn something new and upskill: Yale University have a wonderful selection of free online courses for you to check out. MasterClass is another highly regarded online learning platform that has an abundance of classes taught by some of the world’s best and most notable teachers. Or have you always wanted to learn a new language? The Duolingo App is great for this.

8.) Listen to music: This is a fun way to add atmosphere to your home and shake things up. Create new Spotify Playlists with your favourite songs and/or artists and you’ll instantly feel your mood shift. If you want some inspiration you can search Spotify for some of our favourite playlists - ‘Coffee + Chill’, ‘Italian Cooking Music’, ‘Gentle Acoustic’, ‘Jazzy Romance’, ‘Work From Home, ‘Slow Down & Tune In’.

9.) Be mindful with media: The news with flashing headlines and negative updates can really elevate your stress levels. Try limiting your consumption and instead watch something that will leave you feeling light, inspired and empowered. We love diving into TED Talks, a Netflix Documentary (The Game Changers is amongst many fabulous options) or sign up for free trial with Gaia. Gaia is like the Netflix for the health and wellness world offering over 8,000 thought provoking documentaries.

10.) Be of service: Help the elderly or those most vulnerable to illness by seeing if they need any groceries the next time you are ducking to the shops. Maybe you have a neighbour or family member you can chat to from outside their front door/over the fence? Check in on those feeling most isolated with regular FaceTime dates.

We understand that it may be more challenging to find the space to implement some of these ideas if you have kids at home, are dealing will illness, are a primary caretaker or are going though immense work and/or financial stress. However, we hope that you are inspired to incorporate at least one new idea into your Iso-life (and hopefully beyond.)

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