Neuroscience of safety, connection and integration

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th April 2020 

Work harder and you’ll get ahead, right?

More hours, more projects, more details, my needs, their needs, everyone’s needs. Except yours. If you could just plan more efficient things, then maybe you wouldn’t feel so tired all the time. Because there’s no time for tired, is there? God, you wish you weren’t so tired.

You’ll just work harder now and then you’ll rest a little later. You’ll rest when you’re done. Then you won’t be so tired, right?


Except soon doesn’t feel so soon anymore. And done, hasn’t come yet. Because you’re never done. Has there ever been any space for the rest of you?! For those parts that long to feel something else, anything else. The parts no one ever sees. Because there’s just not enough time for that.

And you never, ever rest (because that’s precisely the time you think that one of these days you might just collapse). And then sometimes you actually collapse. But nobody sees that either, do they?

And you swear this overwhelm will pay off, next week, next month, next year. And you’re nearly there, right? You have to be, because the clock is ticking. And there’s even less time to waste than before. And time wasting is the worst sin of all. It’s even worse than asking for help. 

I know it, because I’ve lived it. And then something shifted and I began the art of noticing. What I once understood as the need to fight, became something else, something intriguing and curious. Something I had longed for, something I could finally devote my work ethic to that actually created the experiences I’d been fighting for years to find.

Because you and I, well our fighter parts are the same, they are deep within the DNA of our human physiology. And embedded in the patterns of our oh-so-human and oh-so-brilliant nervous systems.

And that same knowing is how I’ve come to trust so deeply, that the other parts of us mirror each other too. The loving ones, the calming ones, the playful ones, the grieving ones, the curious ones, the connected, creative and confident ones. 

You see, each of us has an internal system that we experience and interact with, that experiences and interacts with the world. And in this shared phenomenon, we can notice the synchronicities of every single system. And how essential that is for everything we longed to feel over all this time.  

But you see, most of us just don’t know we have access to this, we don’t know we need access to this in order to experience something else. And certainly not in the absence of understanding how we might even begin to do that. So we keep fighting. We keep collapsing. And then we just keep fighting, because we simply don’t know another way. 

You see I was you and in so many ways, I’m always you. In the same way, you’re me and have always been. And that each of us are a collection of so many parts. That experience and mirror one another. That feel and organically connect with our deeper sense of self and with the others. If we can learn to allow space for it to unfold and to understand that these parts need safety as the prerequisite for being seen, then we may finally witness and hold and demonstrate care for those parts that may have never received it.

Michelle Baty



We want to share with you the process that has shifted everything. For us, and so many others, who too, were once tired of fighting, of collapsing and experiencing themselves as merely one part of a split sense of self.  


For those who are willing to be curious enough to explore the neuroscience of safety, awareness and of connection to a whole system of parts bound together in a celebration of self integration.


And this practice is accessible to anyone, and can be practiced by everyone especially you, and all the parts of your internal system.


We invite all of them to join us as we co create together, your very own Art of Noticing.



  • 2 nights accommodation at Solar Springs Health Retreat | Friday 24th -  Sunday 26th April

  • Immerse yourself in nature surrounded by stunning manicured gardens and overlooking the Morton National Park

  • Daily nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Tools and resources to build self awareness and attunement through curiosity, compassion and playfulness

  • Daily movement and mindfulness practices - breath work, sound healing, yin, yoga nidra

  • Daily tea ceremony

  • Hike into Morton National Park 

  • Access to a range of facilities for you to use including a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna, steam room & tennis court.

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